WINGSLAND, vision behind a new domain
Release Time : 03-13/2017 Views : 746
        WINGSLAND, vision behind a new domain
        For purpose of a more comprehensive marketing and international cooperation, WINGSLAND starts using the new domain www.aipuqu.com.

        WINGSLAND headquarter in Shenzhen China, and have set branch office in both US and Germany. Be international and better service our customer is always our goal to fight for.

        Meaning behind WINGSLAND is our original intention that was really bound up with us. Taken literally, wings are the tool of flying, land is the base where flight begins. Together, WINGSLAND is where the dream begins and we strive to develop reliable and professional aerial solutions for the global users.

       Most importantly, we love our customers and we do really appreciated you that keeping up with us and trust us.

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