If you are going on a journey, take WINGSLAND S6 appeared on the 2017 CES
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One should experience at least two impulses in life. One is to fall in love head over heels; one is to leave for a trip without hesitation. Then take S6 with you,go on a photo safari.
As is known to all,CES is a major event in tech land.
It's its 50th anniversary this year.
high-tech products have created an attractive, but also forconsumers in science, technology and a gluttonous feast of fashion.
No doubt, the WINDSLAND S6, is said to be an appeal on this show.
At this year's fair,39 drone exhibitors still were around ,but they played only a 'supporting role.For a two-year-old consumer-level drone brand, WINGSLAND is carving themselves a stylish niche in the world of UAV. and quickly made a brilliant figure in the Exhibition

See this pic taken by WINGSLAND drone. Isn't it beautiful?

Wiping our hearts,taking off your mask and armor, cherishing your true self. then take S6 with you,
Wherever one goes, take S6 with you ,find a good photo spot to capture the moment forever.

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