About Us

Design Department
Graphic Designer

  1, Degree or Diploma in packaging design, art and design or visual communication, having work experience will be prioritized;
 2, Have certain experience in package sculpt, structure, material, printing and also after packaging, be familiar with related software;
  3, Have good aesthetic sense and artistic accomplishment, can analyze the positioning problems accurately;
  4, Outgoing, good at communicating and thinking, independent;
  5, Be responsibility, creative, adhere to the principle and refused to mediocrity.
Senior Product Designer (ID appearance design)

  1, Complete the projects with the team or independently;
  2, Be responsible for the design of aircraft and related products;
  3, Cooperate with structure designers to deal with related problems.

  1, Bachelor degree or above, majored in industrial design or related;
  2, Be excellent in painted, have good understanding and rich knowledge of materials technology;
  3, Be familiar with different kinds of design software, and be good at one 3D software at least, could complete the design 
program independently;

  4, Outgoing, good at communicating and thinking, independent;
  5, Have extensive hobbies and operating ability, loving models, videoing and photography will be prioritized. 
R&D Department
Flight Control Algorithm Engineer

  1, Be responsible for the research of core control algorithm, design and keep improving;
  2, Be responsible for the design and improvement of handheld or airbrone 3 axis gimbal;
  3, Be responsible for the research and applications of the algorithm.

  1, Bachelor degree or above, majored in computer, maths or related electronic engineering;
  2, Have rich knowledge in control theory and algorithms, having the related experience will be prioritized;
  3,Graduated from aviation college, having been engaged in the design and development of UAV will be prioritized;
  4, Have taken part in competitions of robots, smart cars or RC models and won awards will be prioritized;
  5, Have strong learning ability and responsibility, could bear huge pressure and have good teamwork spirit;
  6, Be familiar with MATLAB/Simulink. 
Flight Control Software Development Engineer

  1, Be responsible for multi-axis and fixed-wings UAV Flight Control System software development;
  2, Be responsible for converting the algorithms from algorithm engineers into the single chip codes;
  3, Be responsible for debugging the data from real flying, assist to optimize the algorithm;
  4,Be responsible for improving the current flight control systems and add new functions.

  1, Be familiar with the development of embedded applications based on micro controllers, ARM and others;
  2, Be familiar with the basic SINS , Kalman filtering and PID control algorithms;
  3,Be familiar with the 9 -axis sensor and IMU program design, attitude algorithms.
  4,Be familiar with one main flight control system at least, such as Arduino,MWC,APM,PX4/Pixhawk, etc;
  5, Have practical experience in debugging flight control system (quadrocopter) will be prioritized;
  6, Bachelor degree or above, having 2 years practical work experience will be prioritized. 
Camera Driver Engineer

  1,Bachelor degree or above, majored in computer, communication and electronics, have 3 years related work experience;
  2, Be proficient in C / C ++ and familiar with embedded Linux driver development;
  3, Be familiar with audio and video capabilities development, be familiar with H.264, H.265 and other coding standards;
  4,Having experience in Ambarella, Novatek, TI, Hass development platform, especially Ambarella A9 will be prioritized;
  5, Have experience in Linux or RTOS-based embedded driver development;
  6, Be responsible for the Linux or RTOS camera driver development, such as Sensor drive, USB drive, network card drive, etc;
  7, Have work experience in digital camera, sport DV and Vehicle traveling data recorder, etc. 
Camera IQ Commissioning Engineer

1, 25-40 years old, college degree or above, majored in computer, electronics, automation, have more than five
years of relevant work experience;

      2, Be familiar with the common SONY camera Senor, can analyze and solve the image problems;
  3, Be familiar with ISP camera image processing and 3A algorithms;
  4, Having debugging experience in Ambarella, Novatek, TI, Hass IQ level will be prioritized;
  5, Have work experience in digital camera, sport DV and tachograph, etc;
  6, Be good at English reading and writing;
  7, Have good communication skills, teamwork spirit and the ability to work independently.
RF Engineer

1, Male, under 35 years old, Bachelor degree or above, majored in electromagnetic microwave, communications,
electronics or related;

  2, Have more than 3 years work experience;
  3, Know how to master software AutoCAD;
  4, Capacity requirements: be proficient in using network analyzers, signal source, spectrum analyzer, noise analyzer
and other RF equipment, be familiar with antenna pattern test system; having 2.4G and 5.8G RF work experience will
be prioritized.


SCM development engineer

  1, Male, under 32 years old, college degree or above, majored in computer or related;
  2, Know how to master software IAR, Keil development environment;
3, Capacity requirements: can use the assembler and C language to develop various SCM programs skillfully;
design SCM software flowchart clearly; be familiar with a variety of single-chip interface standards and also common
peripherals; being familiar with flight control algorithm or having flight control or aircraft development experience
will be prioritized.

APP Development Engineer

  1, Male, under 35 years old, college degree or above, majored in computer or related;
  2, Know how to master Android and IOS development environment;
  3, Know how to use Java and C language skillfully;
  4, Have at least one user-oriented phone or tablet APP complete R & D experience; having video or image processing APP development experience will be prioritized;
  5, Have strong learning ability, innovation ability, communication skills and team spirit, love software development.
Senior Hardware Engineer

     1,Be responsible for hardware block diagram design, the main components selection and overall schematics
design, BOM table output;

  2,Be responsible for new products prototype debugging and old products improvement.

  3, Under 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, majored in electronics or related;
  4, Be familiar with analog and digital circuitry, can use allegro, pads, orcad and other common tools skillfully;
  5,Have more than three years experience of embedded hardware product design and commissioning, having
experience in embedded ARM11, A8 or above system hardware design experience will be preferred;

  6, Have the ability to read English documents;
  7, Have innovation and teamwork spirit. 

Marketing Department
Marketing Promoter

  1, College degree or above, majored in marketing or related;
  2, Be familiar with the marketing channels, be proficient in specific operational procedures;
  3, Have strong marketing capabilities and communication skills;
  4, Have a keen market insight and market analysis capabilities, could make the appropriate marketing planning 
based on the market information;
  5, Could work with high passion and proactive;
  6, Have experience in brand promotion, or have experience of national marketing channels, media advertising, etc.

Sales Department
International Sales 

  1, College degree or above, be proficient in spoken and written English, be familiar with the European and American markets;
  2, Have practical experience in operating international trade, could develop and receipt foreigners independently;
  3, Have good communication skills, strong teamwork spirit, be able to work under pressure;
  4, Be interested in company’s products, have experience in electronic products.
E-commerce commissioner

  1, 25 to 35 years old, college degree or above, majored in e-commerce, computers or related;
  2, Have 2 years experience in consumer electronics, have a keen market insight and market analysis capabilities;
  3, Be familiar with e-commerce environment, be good at data analysis, have more than 3 years experience of online operation, the data proof 
would be appreciated;
4, Fully understand the internet promotion characteristics, could find the suitable promotion methods based on
consumers’ habits; have good co-ordination, analysis, induction capability and rigorous logical thinking.


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